Coaching By Karin

Coaching By Karin

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My name is Karin and I am a Strategic Life Coach, specialized in Expat Coaching

I am 50 "something" woman with over 20 years experience in Coaching & Training.

You are moving a new country? Why challenge all the elements that needs to be done alone?
Why not ask help from an experienced Expat?

Why you need an Expat coach?

Read How I Finally got my NIE in Spain.

Read Life Coach for Expats.

Moving to another country is exhausting.
You need to pack your items, find a company to move them to your new country. Or sell your items. Maybe use a storage. Find a flight for yourself (and your family).
Also you have to arrange all the other things, among them administrative, in the country you are leaving. Paying the last bills, saying goodbye to your family etc.
This will take a lot of time and energy.
It doesn't matter if you are moving for a certain amount of time, or you have the intention to stay forever in your new country. This is something you need to do always.
This probably cost a lot of stress. Everyone wants to say goodbye. And you have so little time.
Family, friends, colleagues etc. hardly understand that you simple do not have the time to meet all. To say, face-to-face, goodbye separately to them all.
Too much stuff needs to be arranged. Really, they have no clue. Which is normal but also stressful for you.

I guide you during the preparation, arrival & first month(s) of arrival in your new country.

And then you arrive in your new country. Maybe at first in a hotel or pension.
You have to find a permanent place to stay.
Arrange you Tax number, Social Security number. Get used to public traffic.
Get used to your new country, work, colleagues etc.

When you are lucky you will be helped (partly?) by the HR department of your new job.
Still you need to find out many things by yourself.
As for them it is so common (they are normally natives) they forget to tell you important stuff.
And it sounds strange, I know, they do not have a check list. Really they don't. None of the companies I worked for had a check list to help you not forget anything. None!
There is information you need to decrease the amount of TAX you have to pay. Things you have to do by yourself. Many things.
Where to find information about how much to pay for electricity, water, gas etc. Or to check open bills.

I am an Expat since 2008 and I have lived in 7 European countries.
Every country has it's own "issues" for Expats. First of course there is the language you might not speak yet.
The habits you do not know. Even when you visited that country many years on vacation. Only as inhabitant you will learn the real habits from a country. The real culture.

I will help you to save time & stress searching and reinvent the wheel. Valuable time, there is a better way for you to spend these hours. Especially in these for you busy times.
I will help you with information where to buy your traffic card. Arrange your TAX number. To the municipality to get you papers so you will be able to apply for lower TAX. Get you in contact with trustable real estate agents etc.

The whole process of preparation can be done by Skype & email.

When you are going to live in Portugal, nearby where I live, I'll help you upon arrival with visits to the TAX agency, municipality etc. when needed.

Either way, you will be able to get settled as fast as possible. And feel happy to start in a foreign country, knowing important administration etc. is and will be arranged for you.

When you contact me before moving, we can immediately start with the arrangements and I will give you tips about things you need to do in your home country.

Don't hesitate CONTACT ME, you will find my prices very reasonable for the service offered.

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I am an Expat over 10 years, and I have lived in 7 different European countries. All countries have their own challenges. I know how difficult & stressful is it when you need to arrange many things and you have no idea where to start.
I speak Dutch, German, English & Spanish.

When you have arrived and are settled there are probably other issues to solve.
Became/becoming home sick? Problems with the different culture?
Contact me for Life Coaching Support.

Also when you need additional help, for example with Achieving your Goals & Dreams, don't hesitate to contact me.
Why a Life Coach?

Let me tell you how I finally got my NIE (tax number) in Spain.

To request a NIE in Spain you need to have certain things:
- Rental contract on you name;
- Spanish work contract (yet... without a NIE you cannot get a Spanish work contract);
- And when you have a bill on your name and address it helps a lot too.

As I didn't have a rental contract, my boss paid the rent at that time, it was difficult to arrange my NIE.
And I was going to work for another company but still lived in that apartment an extra week.
But I needed it badly, as I was going to work for a Spanish firm.

The steps I needed to take:
- Go to the municipality to request an address check;
- The municipality checks in with the National Police who comes to check 2 times. Making an appointment is not allowed, the checks would be random;
This will take about 1-2 weeks.
- The Police will send information to the municipality;
This will take more or less 1 week.
- Go back to the municipality and receive a singed paper to confirm you live at that address;
You will not receive a notice you can pick up the form. Just give it a try :).
- Check in with the Foreign Police with this paper;
Where I lived the Foreign Police gave numbers to the people who wanted to request a NIE. A maximum of 50 numbers every day. You had to be there early in the morning to get in the row so you were not too late.
Early as in at lease 06.00 a.m.
- You receive a paper from the Foreign Police to fill in;
They also need copies (which you can make in a copy shop, most of the time nearby the Police Station) from your passport.
As they do only speak Spanish you need a translator when your Spanish language skills are not that good.
- The Foreign Police will process the paper you've filled in;
Which will take about 2-4 weeks. Depending on how many requests they have.
Again, you will not receive a notice, it is up to you to check. An be early again, as you will receive (again) a number.
- After you've picked up a paper (bill), which has been processed due to the paper you have filled in, you have to go and pay in a bank;
Please notice there are only certain times when you can pay in the bank when you do not have an account there (which is impossible, as you need a NIE for this).
OR... Ask someone you know with a Spanish bank account to pay for you and you return it in cash. This is the easiest way most of the time.
- With the proof of payment from the bank you go back to the Foreign Police;
- No need for a number, just explain you've paid and you can go back inside and wait for your turn.
- Give the POP to the Police and they will print the NIE for you.

Above process took me 3,5 weeks.
When you have time and you speak the language fluently, no problem at all.
But when you in need of a NIE, and your understanding of the foreign language isn't that good yet, help is here to not become stressed out. And start your new life as relaxed as possible.
After receiving my NIE, I needed to request my Social Security Number...
This was easy compared getting my NIE, yet still took some hours to arrange.

Life Coach for Expats

The daily life for an Expat is mainly the same as for none Expats.
You go to work, to sport. Stroll around. Visiting areas nearby and not so nearby. Have a drink, lunch or diner with friends.
Friends for the most Expats are colleagues from the same company, and often from the same country.
Yet, as an Expat there are so many things you need to get used to.
Missing your friends and family. The language, which is not native for you. The (cultural) habits.
Most Expats are young. Staying only temporary in their new country. This is the most common.
You have to say goodbye to newly made Expat friends (when they are moving on, or going back to their home country) and much more.
This can be very overwhelming, which can make you feel stuck in where you are and/or what you want for yourself.
I have been there myself and luckily I got help from my mentor & coach at that time.

When you feel stuck I can help you. I have long time experience (and education & training) as (Life) Coach and Mindfulness Coach.
Sessions are possible via Skype and, when you live in Port Portugal, also Face-to-Face.

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