Coaching By Karin

Coaching By Karin

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My name is Karin and I am a Strategic Life Coach, specialized in Expat Coaching

I am 50 "something" woman with over 20 years experience in Coaching & Training.

I guide you as Expatriate during the preparation, arrival & first month(s) of arrival in your new country.
This will help you to save time searching and reinvent the wheel. Valuable time, there is a better way for you to spend these hours. Especially in these for you busy times.
I will get you in contact with trustable real estate agents etc.

The whole process of preparation can be done by Skype & email.

And when you are going to live in the Czech Republic, nearby where I live, I'll help you upon arrival with visits to the foreign police etc. when needed.

Either way, you will be able to get settled as fast as possible. And feel happy to start in a foreign country, knowing important administration etc. is and will be arranged for you.

When you contact me before moving, we can immediately start with the arrangements and I will give you tips about things you need to do in your home country.

Don't hesitate CONTACT ME, you will find my prices very reasonable for the service offered.

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I am an Expat over 10 years, and I have lived in 6 different European countries. All countries have their own challenges. I know how difficult & stressful is it when you need to arrange many things and you have no idea where to start.
I speak Dutch, German, English & Spanish.

When you arrived and are settled there are probably other issue to solve.
Became/becoming home sick? Difficulties with the different culture?
Contact me for Life Coaching Support.
And when you need additional help, for example with Achieving your Goals & Dreams, don't hesitate to contact me.

As of September 30th 2018, I am also a Certified Diet & Weight Management Coach.

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